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Caroni 1998 & 1996

More of the Caroni 1998 and 1996 have just been bottled, now 15 and 17 years old, they have proved great examples of the Caroni rums we store here in England and have sold in many markets around the world.


Thanks to Star Cigars
Caroni 1993 at 52% originally only bottled for Italy, will shortly be listed in Sweden, thanks to our distributor Star Cigars, well done!


Trinity Success
The Trinity Caroni blend of 1989-1992-1994, a unique single cask bottling for Finland has all been sold out, a great success by  our distributor Altia on our behalf.



Rum is one of the World's Great Spirits

Sugar cane grown around the world carefully fermented, distilled & matured in oak barrels is bottled for the true rum lover, the Bristol Classic Rum customer.
seek out small quantities, sometimes only single barrels from a single distillery, or a single estate or even a single still to show rum in its true unblended form.

Aging at the Distillery, or here in the United Kingdom is so important to the rums development, thus combined with careful bottling and a minimum of filtration allows the characteristics of each individual rum to show.

Enjoy with your favourite mixer, in exciting cocktails, or at its best just over ice!


John Barrett
Managing Director







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